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Get what you want without asking

30 May 2017 / by Tim Roach


Do you wish your software gave you information without having to ask for it?

Picture this; you are starting the week with a Monday morning meeting where management and staff review the prior week and drive focus for the next five days.  With Fermata’s weekly status report, you show up to the meeting well prepared with the KPI’s and analytics you need to provide a snapshot of the previous week’s work.  Even better, the information was sent to your inbox on Monday morning without you having to pull the reports yourself!test.jpg

With Fermata Legal Hold, you get a legal hold status snapshot on all matters as Fermata automatically sends you a report every Monday morning.  Fermata Legal Hold knows to give you what you need. The weekly automated email report is just one way Fermata works to keep you updated on all your matters.  Very extraordinary!

Of course, you can always build custom reports on all aspects of your legal hold matters at any time. 

Fermata Legal Hold works to ensure you have all the information necessary to facilitate an accurate, defensible, and up to date legal hold – and you’ll get a status report every Monday morning without having to ask for it!

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