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Developing Countries Show Malicious Hack Attack Growth

09 March 2017 / by Mike Tanji

No one country or nation-state is immune from cybersecurity threats or other malicious hacker attacks. Where are these hacks coming from? Many are increasingly being launched by developing countries. Increased cybersecurity and data privacy regulations throughout the developed countries is causing the bad guys to move to the easier places to launch cyberattacks. Countries like Vietnam and Ukraine, which account for approximately 12% of the total malicious IP addresses, don’t have a robust data protection regime. Those that do often don’t have effective enforcement procedures.( Bloomberg BNA

I'm shocked to find cybercrime happening here. There will always be parts of the world where the 'rule of law' is really more of a guideline. In those places cybercrime will thrive alongside all other forms of malicious and nefarious schemes. The complexity associated with tracking down and identifying online criminals works for both the criminals and those states where self-enrichment is a higher priority than strong governance and law enforcement. As long as "we don't have the resources or expertise to find them" is a perfectly legitimate excuse, why would a kleptocracy or effectively failed-state care about your warrant?

Mike Tanji will continue to insure Cicayda delivers the most secure services and applications possible for its corporate, government and law firm clients. Additionally, he will be spearheading Cicayda's security audit services, focusing on proactive cyber defense, intrusion detection and post-intrusion response. "It's an honor to have such an expert in the information security world working with us. He will be a valuable resource to our corporate clients, assisting them with cyber security and threat assessment beyond the scope of simply eDiscovery," stated Cicayda's CEO, Billy Hyatt.  

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