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Cicayda announces Steve Byington as its new CFO

18 April 2017 / by cicayda

17192fa.jpgThe cicayda team welcomes Steve Byington as the new CFO. 

“We are excited to have Steve on board at Cicayda as we take the business to the next level," said Billy Hyatt, Cicayda’s CEO."

The transition of CFO’s has been very smooth due to their prior relationship.  It’s wonderful to have a set of fresh eyes on solving and improving both day to day operational issues and long term strategic objectives. We are already off to the races with Steve.”

During his career, Byington has utilized complex financial models to assist entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and bankers in making sound business decisions. Byington specializes in financial leadership, controllership, financial analysis and modeling, financial system implementation, strategic planning, cash management, efficiency through technology, cost reductions, and start-ups and acquisitions for private, public and emerging-growth companies in the technology, professional services, manufacturing, telecommunications and hospitality segments.

Steve says, "I am honored to join the cicayda team and follow my friend Pat Sauder as the new CFO.  I help businesses boost their cash flow and grow their value.  cicayda is well placed to take the next step." 

Byington holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Memphis Fogelman College of Business and Economics with a concentration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Finance Management Science Option from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

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