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Cicayda Welcomes Clark Rickman as Chief of Special Development

27 January 2017 / by cicayda

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Jan. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Cicayda, a legal discovery solution delivering 100% cloud-based eDiscovery applications, today announced Clark Rickman as its new Chief of Special Development. Rickman will lead a new arm of software development for Cicayda, specializing in expanding its current software offerings.

"As software solutions continue the fascinating shift to mobiIe-enabled, cloud-based solutions, I am excited about the opportunity to have an immediate impact supplementing Cicayda's very successful systems with an array of new and exciting tools that address specific new challenges facing corporations and law firms today," said RickmanRickman is most easily recognized to the litigation software community from his time as Vice President and Development Manager at CaseLogistix, and he most recently served as a technical sales executive for Thompson Reuters litigation technology solutions group. "It is truly an exciting time to be involved with development of new solutions for the right organization. Cicayda is a leader in this area. They have an outstanding team that is clearly committed to providing next-generation tools and services to its clients today."

Rickman will be working in an executive management capacity to help shape and steer Cicayda's continuing mission and directives, drawing from his experiences managing well over one hundred significant software development efforts over the last 35 years. "As mobile and cloud-based solutions continue to provide increasingly simple, easy-to-use tools that address specific challenges, today's users are more empowered than ever, and we are committed to freeing our clients from the restrictions of legacy software in new and innovative ways. That is what drives me."

About Cicayda:

Cicayda is a software company delivering 100% cloud-based e-discovery applications. Led by venerable legal technology and legal professionals, the cicayda suite of e-discovery tools includes legal hold management, processing, review, and real time search/analytics results. Cicayda provides on-demand legal professionals for any size or type of document review, whether an eDiscovery project, contract review, compliance, due diligence review, or responding to a government investigation. About the name: A blue-eyed cicada is that one-in-a-million cicada, genetically unique. Our cloud-based platform gives lawyers the best chance of finding that one-in-a-million document in the torrential swarm and loud noise of eDiscovery.

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